Saturday, March 30, 2013

The See Me Rollin'

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Can't sleep, blogs will eat me

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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Reading From The Binder Of Shame

Another bit of nonsense from 2009. This is about role playing games and I screw it up right out of the gate.

Newly revised “AUDIO AND VIDEO”

The Man That Ate Newborns (by Chilling Tales For Dark Nights)

Paranormal Empathy

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

Another Fine Mess

The Team That Couldn't Shoot Straight (by Role Playing Public Radio)

Achy Breaky Mythos (by Role Playing Public Radio)

Death By Thumbs (by Role Playing Public Radio)

The Bad Rifts Project (by Role Playing Public Radio)

The D&D Session That Mostly Wasn't (by Role Playing Public Radio)

Precious Machine (by the NoSleep podcast)

The Man That Ate Newborns (by the NoSleep podcast)


Recommended Double Features

I just saw EVIL DEAD 2013... here are some thoughts.

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(Insane, Yet Amusing And Disturbing News) Naked 500 pound man chases son of Westboro Baptist Church leader...



The son of gay-hate church leader Fred Phelps has been attacked live on TV by an obese naked man who sat on him and shouted 'who's your daddy now?'

Westboro Baptist Church member David Phelps was being interviewed in a mobile studio when a 35-stone man, who was wearing no clothes, suddenly burst out of a loo to confront him....



A fan made trailer for DOCTOR WHO'S 50th Anniversary



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Thursday, March 28, 2013

(Insane Product) bacon condoms. Bacon Condoms. BACON CONDOMS?????


Made in America of the highest quality latex. Every Bacon Condom has been rigorously tested to help ensure reliability and the utmost safety for when you’re makin’ Bacon. As an added bonus, J&D’s baconlube™ ultra premium water based meat flavored personal lubricant has been generously applied inside and out for an even more hot pork experience...



To buy some click here but if you do never make eye contact with me again...

The plot thickens at BROODHOLLOW...

The trailer for YOU'RE NEXT is well... next!

(Insane News) There is going to be a KISS HELLO KITTY show?



"four Kiss x Hello Kitty characters living their rock 'n' roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in."


(Recommended Hotness) Hypoxia Hex celebrates Thong Thursday!

(Awesome Art) BRENDAN TOBIN gives us TARZAN vs GRODD!

(Recommended Hotness) Ladies and gentlemen, the Daring Miss Daniels...

From her NSFW blog






(Recommended Hotness) Let's see what's up over at 'Prawdziwe kobiety mają krągłości'...

From the NSFW website



















A warning for all you DOCTOR WHO fans out there...

Modern video games as Atari cartridges

Another video blog/story reading. Sick of them yet?

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Another one of my video vlogs from 2009... Lord help me I kind of miss doing these...

You know?


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Will Michael Bukowski's LIVING TREE give you wood? (Why did I go there? Why?)

Great... now I want to see an all-cosplay version of Shakespeare...

WONDER WOMAN TRIFECTA PART THREE! "Hmm, Maybe THIS Is Why WB Are Nervous about Wonder Woman"

From TOPLESS ROBOT (again)


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WONDER WOMAN TRIFECTA PART TWO! "Bill Walko’s Wonder Woman Family!"

WONDER WOMAN TRIFECTA PART ONE! "How Does the Porn Industry Do DC Movies Better than WB?"

From Topless Robot



This is Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman, from a forthcoming Axel Braun movie. A porn parody version of DC's top female superhero, who still has yet to get a big-budget film of her own.


Now, we can be honest and say that nobody expects Kane to have Helen Mirren-level thespian skills - but would you or would you not pay to see someone who looked like that flying an invisible jet, facing down the god of war and lassoing bad a movie without penetration?


Oh no. If DC does anything, it'll be a TV show in which she doesn't wear a costume anything like the one she's known for. Meanwhile, a pornographer's expensive fan fiction nabs all the horny nerd dollars...

The short film PERIHELION is a grotesque NSFW head trip...

Found via TWITCH


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"It was a massacre." The latest storyline at FALSE POSITIVE continues...

Juan Santapau's THE SECRET KNOTS continues to explore 'the Strange World'