Saturday, October 13, 2012

I am a pretty easy to please DOCTOR WHO fan but damnit THEY SHOULD HAVE FILMED THIS!!!!!



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A Christmas story? With Zombies? By Joe Lansdale? SIGN ME UP!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

(Recommended Hotness) More from "Prawdziwe Kobiety Mają Krągłości…"

Get your lotion and tube socks guys it's SUPERMAN VS SPIDER-MAN THE PORN MOVIE! (All SFW)

And it still looks better than Michael Bay has ever directed ever.



 Trailer is SFW

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I was feeling sorry for myself... then I learned about THE TURTLE THAT PEES FROM ITS MOUTH!

FROM boing boing

The Chinese soft-shelled turtle looks like someone glued the snout of a pig onto the face of a fish, with the texture of a scrotum for good measure. But its bizarre appearance pales in comparison to an even more bizarre, and newly discovered, habit: it urinates through its mouth.

When the turtle breaks down proteins in its liver, it ends up with an abundance of nitrogen, which it expels from its body in the form of urea. Humans are the same—we get rid of urea in the form of urine, via our kidneys.  But the soft-shelled turtle has an altogether different route.

It’s well-adapted to life in the water, and lives in salty swamps and marshes. But Yuen Ip from the National University of Singapore noticed that when the turtle emerges from water, or is stranded on land during dry spells, it will plunge its head into puddles. While submerged, it rhythmically expands and contracts its mouth. Ip found that the turtle gets rid of most of its urea through its mouth rather than its kidneys, via gill-like studs in its mouth. It can breathe and urinate through the same structures...

Check out Michael Bukowski's newest work!


It is awesome but what is it? The artist explains...

I was asked to do something occult related but not satanic. I opted for a subject from one of my favorite occult texts, The Goetia...
The piece I did is based on the demon Orias.
"The Fifty-ninth Spirit is Oriax, or Orias. He is a Great Marquis, and appeareth in the Form of a Lion with a Serpent’s Tail; and he holdeth in Hand two Great Serpents hissing. His Office is to teach the Virtues of the Stars, and to know the Mansions of the Planets, and how to understand their Virtues."

I am trapped in a cycle of soul-crushing despair. Maybe the trailer for the new Uwe Boll film will cheer me up!

this link from TOPLESS ROBOT did not cheer me up


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I can't get enough GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS by Danielle Corsetto

I just started reading this webcomic a few months ago but I have been drawn into its world and characters...


But who is Danielle Corsetto and what is GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS?


Danielle Corsetto created her first comic strip when she was 8 years old, starting with a blatant rip-off of Garfield called Fat Cat. She started writing Hazelnuts in high school, the precursor to Girls With Slingshots (unbeknownst to her at the time), and ran a comic about super-slacker college kids called Ramblers in the student paper at Shepherd College (as well as In October of 2004, she began Girls With Slingshots, and a couple of years later she was doing the strip full-time. It’s now updated 5 times a week at some god-awful hour. In addition to GWS, Danielle wrote and drew The New Adventures of Bat Boy for the Weekly World News, taking the reins from Bat Boy’s kind & talented former creator Peter Bagge. Danielle lives in Shepherdstown, West Virginia in a 230-year-old house with her two cats, Smudge and Ellie (aka Fluffy and Sprinkles) and her 9-year-old goldfish Goldie. She loves sipping tea, going for hikes, and eating local foods, because she is a filthy filthy hippie.


Here is one of the strips that made me laugh my ass off



(Recommended Hotness) JUDGEMENT OF PARIS introduces us to Kelsey Olson...

Who is the Night Blogger? What is the Graveyard Game? Learn more with the previous installments of the story!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another old favorite of mine SING IT Split Endz!



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Check out the animated short film THE MAKER!

found via BOING BOING



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